DIY Tissue Paper Box Cover

It has been so long time I didn't update this blog, it is mean it has been long time I didn't share creative ideas. Why? Because now I'm working as engineer so I'm quite busy and it is so tiring. lol. And the other reason is my internet income become smaller because an advertiser banned me and made me kicked out from one of the biggest adds provider. sad because all my rest income gone before I withdraw it. I admit I didn't read the rules and regulations oftenly and then accidentally I break one of the prohibition. It is make me lazy to blogging but now I'm happy and ready to blogging again with one condition I'm not too tired. I should not share something like that here because this blog is about creativity just I can't stop to share that after long time in here. Lol. Ok.... Today I want to share my DIY Tissue Paper Box Cover.  Here is my DIY Tissue box cover:
Anjieya is my netter name, there is a story behind it. My main blog also
What do you think about this tissue box cover, is it cute, right? Then what kind of material that you need to create it? Here I give the clues:
1. One piece of used carton box (you can use new one if you have)
2. Materials that you need

Ok.. what do you need is:
1. Used carton box, my DIY tissue box cover use instant noodle box. You can use any carton box.
2. A piece of gift paper wrapping, protective tape, double tape, pencil, eraser, ruler and scissor.
You can form your own box as you like, as your imagination or as your creativity but if you want to make same appearance with my box then here the drawing box I made for this box.
I think my my design quite easy to understand although it is not proportional, the purple part is the front and the backside, the green part is the bottom and the above cover, the yellow part is the right and left side, the dark blue is the box hole to pull the tissue paper and the light blue part is paste the glue and form the box. To make the box look cute then you can covered it with gift paper wrapping before or after formed this box. I was covered my DIY tissue box cover after I formed it into box. After it is formed and covered with gift paper wrapping, then you can paste the decoration. The decorative paste on my DIY tissue box cover is from DIY paper snowflakes, you can use other decorative suit to your fancy. If you like to paste DIY paper snowflakes then here mine:
Make 4 paper snowflakes, 2 bigger snowflakes and 2 smaller. Paste the smaller snowflake into bigger one with double tape or glue. Like here:
After the snowflakes done then paste it into your DIY tissue paper box cover. Yea.. maybe you don't know how to make paper snowflakes, I did write a post about it in here Recycled object to decorate your wall, this article is about decorating your wall with recycle object. Here my DIY tissue paper box cover, I remember to make the picture of it and make the tutorial after it is finished, so the material samples is not 100% same.

Cool color choices for kids room

Generally, warm colors give sense of warmth inclined, intimate atmosphere, and relaxation. This is very different from the cool colors. Warm colors tend to be intense and to stimulate the viewer and I think it is suit for adult room. While cool colors have a calming effect to be applied in your child's room. It is in the color blue in the color wheel. Although it has a soothing effect, the color is too dark it tends to "push" people who see it. You want your child's room that seemed cool, calm, seem more spacious, and elegant can choose these colors.
The blue color is often associated with peace, depth of feeling, sensitivity, wisdom, confidence, and stability. Blue is a color that can slow the human nervous system and creates a calming effect. This color prepares the body for sleep, because he was able to soften the room brightly lit and make people feel at ease in it.
However, the blue color is too dark can give the same effect with black, which is too much to absorb light and suck your energy.

Meanwhile, the green color is said unable to rally confidence, hope, and give you peace. During the green color is not too dark, this color can be refreshing color.
You also can combine colors "warm" like red and orange colors.

The color purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Unfortunately, the color purple can make you feel sad and frustrated.
However, if you still want to choose the color purple, you'll want to choose the color purple. This color can give you a sense of peace, romance, and nostalgia. Moreover, mauve shades fit into a child's room a feminine choice.
The white color can also be a choice of your child's room. This color is often identified with peace, confidence, happiness, cleanliness and purity. This color reflects 80 percent of light. Therefore, room with bright white and feels more substantial than the room are painted with another color.
White paint in your child's room is actually a good choice. Various colorful decorations can look beautiful in the room. Only, unfortunately the color is easy to get dirty.

Beautiful unique bonsai collections made by Takanori Aiba may alternate to beautify your home

Process of growing bonsai trees may consuming time and patience, but how if this complex tasks combined to build scale models like as windmills, lighthouses and even some mini sculptures? One of Japanese artists who keen on growing bonsai, Takanori Aiba, have made this exciting idea. Takanori Aiba is a former illustrator maze who patiently changed the usual bonsai into an awesome crafts and art.
Takanori Aiba after quit his job as an illustrator for fashion magazines in Japan, POPYE, for about 10 years he spent his time to create mini world on his bonsai collection. Aiba creates his miniature buildings that  cling and resting on the branches branches bonsai tree. This Japanese artist only uses materials such as paper, copper wire, clay, plastic, plaster, resin and acrylic paint in his work. He spent many hours in creating models of buildings using bonsai trees.

Takanori Aiba seem never tired and patiently in making his masterpiece. The model of building that he created is very detailed and the details such as bridges, balconies and towers. Using bonsai tree as a foundation, the dioramas was inspired to follow a unique form of each bonsai tree so as to create landscapes and buildings in the form of vertical and horizontal, forming a harmony like building following the actual landscape.

Some Aiba's creations in the beginning is very dependent on the function of bonsai trees. Bonsai must meet the strength requirements like holding the weight of the tree, the branches and leaves of bonsai are designed sticking out of the roof of the building and stuck down. Each tree branch adorned with terraces, umbrellas, small lights, creating exceptional residential just like the story of the film Swiss Family Robinson.

In his work, Aiba use high technique to build a miniature life of the people that surround the small trees.The technique is often used Takanori Aiba include pruning, root reduction, defoliation, grafting, etc for the treatment of the bonsai. Aiba describes the bonsai art form as an experimental approach to change the style of depicting the beauty of modern bonsai. His works were considered to be in accordance with the spiritual side of man and nature in miniature. With trained skills according to his some many year experiences, he put his mind to creating three-dimensional works of art, combining the knowledge and experience of illustration and architectural mazes. Here are other picture of Takanori Aiba's bonsai work:

Casa Franz, a minimalist house that friendly to nature

There are many design of buildings which care about which one came first, like a house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, because of the trees come first in the area then it designed deferred to the trees and followed the pattern of the plants surrounding. The house was named Casa Franz has a simple shape with a flat roof. Form of "boxes" in this house makes it converges on uneven ground contours. The architects are María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk and the collaborator are Leandro Pomies, Nuria Jover and Enzo Vitali. Those creative people build a minimalist vacation home with size 87 square meters in land area 337 square meters.  It is not new because it is constructed in 2010. 

Those people are under the Argentine architectural firm named BAK Arquitectos make a vacation home in the beautiful forest of Mar Azul. The house was built in 2010 as a building "summer escape" from the city of Buenos Aires Metropolitan. Previously, BAK has created a variety of summer house which is almost similar to the type in the area. Generally, the work of BAK Arquitectos rest houses can be identified by the form of exposed concrete facade and a large glass.

The houses are suitable as a quiet retreat house. Rest home in Mar Azul, for example.

The architects tried to bring natural wealth into the space that can be occupied. Interestingly, they seemed not to bother with just making a minimalist design at the rest home. The use of a simple exposed brick on the exterior of the house was also "treated" with accent lights to "sneak" out through large glass around the house. At dark, yellowish light coming from inside the house adds to the beauty of this mansion. In contrast, in the daytime sunlight can easily illuminate the interior of the house. Concrete Exposed provide visual relief, while the long glass separating the existing field silvery facade. The terrace looks slightly raised from ground level. This makes the two-storey detached house of a way around it.

In addition, the characteristics of the house, two large pine trees "stab" the house in the terrace gives a distinct impression. In fact, the split-level outline view unlimited length and shape make it a beautiful mansion modern and simple.

"Taming" forest

This house has two bedrooms. Although size is not too big, but opaque glass make fused with nature and the inhabitants do not have the impression trapped in a small box.  As reported in, Casa Franz forward the idea to "tame the jungle" while practicing a new architectonic subtractive. The comforts of home are also assisted by a high ceiling with a double, a large glass to maximize natural light, as well as to enjoy the scenery without having to be outside.

In addition, the house is also specifically designed to have a social area and a large gathering. Because the project was initiated to provide plenty of space for the family. Unfortunately, according to the official website, since December 11, 2012 and María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk is no longer working in a firm. They began to work in private.

The interiors and exteriors:
image © gustavo sosa pinilla

image © gustavo sosa pinilla

image © gustavo sosa pinilla

two large pine trees become the protagonists of the architectural narrative
image © gustavo sosa pinilla

two bedrooms, while pragmatically small, open up widely to the landscape with generous glazing
image © gustavo sosa pinilla

image © gustavo sosa pinilla

the dining area becomes a large  gathering space, expanded by the deck
image © gustavo sosa pinilla

image © gustavo sosa pinilla

image © gustavo sosa pinilla

the wood grain of the concrete mold left striking patterns on the walls
image © gustavo sosa pinilla

(left): the double height building makes room for the trees
(right): the stairwell is allows users to inhabit the landscape while allowing for diffused light to the ground floor
image © gustavo sosa pinilla

The sketches:
(left): short section 1
(right): long section 2

ground plan level 0 

floor plan level 1
elevation northeast

elevation northwest

Images courtesy:

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