Minimalist home design like snail shape

Architectural design is always interesting no matter when they are presented for the first time.One of it is an interesting architectural design is a roll shaped house "Snail Shape" by the Japanese architect, Kotaro idea of ARTechnic. The structure of "Leather Scallop" like a statue built in the woods Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture is located in Japan.
Large 2-story building shaped like a shell Leather makes the building different from caves and rocks around it, and definitely not a part of nature. However, organic forms that seem fine in the woods, and reinforced concrete structures together and align themselves with the landscape.

Cherry wood is used for the base of this house, while the Oak Wood is used for some furniture that makes a beautiful contrast with the floor. Many items of furniture have been specifically designed as the shape and structure of the wall makes it hard for regular furniture to fit ideally.
Overall, the place to stay "Leather Scallop" has a simple aesthetic design that blends itself well to traditional Japanese landscapes, because it creates a balance between futuristic man-made structures and environments that surround them.


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