Design house upside down style

HWhat do you think the house upside down with all the furniture upside down as well? like to defy gravity. It seems interesting but it seems more suitable house be decorated because we can not use the furniture in it but if you have the power to defy gravity like a lizard, then maybe you can make your house upside down. hahaha.

However, a carpenter named Gerhard origin Gettorf, Germany and his colleagues Gesellse Splettstößer and Manfred Kolax merelaisasikan design house upside down with all the furniture was also upside down, crazy idea indeed. They used to put the building together. "This is a challenge for us," Mordhorst said. "You should always be thinking about the mirror image."
Die Welt Steht Kopf (the world is upside down) is an example of building a truly inverted and with the furniture upside down as well. About Die Welt Steht Kopf, it has long been open to the public on 30 March 2010, but I took the theme of the building upside down for my post today, as the unique idea of designing the house upside down I still remember to this day. Because I like to design architecture so there is no harm if a topic long ago I adopted a theme of my post this time.

Well .. this house upside down or "Die Welt Steht Kopf" is definitely not a place to stay, this house is more suited to become one of the rides in the world of fantasy at Ancol (Dufan) for example. Because according to the information it upside down house in great demand by visitors. Houses upside down, we like to live in a world of animation.


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