Aceh Tsunami Museum

Of course many people who still remember the disaster that has been frowned thousands of lives in Aceh, Indonesia and other country. The earthquake on December 26, 2010 with a strength and a 9.3-richer scale earthquake that the most tremendous within a period of 40 years. An earthquake measuring 9.3 magnitude that caused the tsunami waves as high as 9 meters hit some areas and caused 230,000 people died in 8 countries (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Inda, and Thailand, a country with the largest number of deaths).

The tsunami disaster in Banda Aceh is a reminder that we humans are nothing, there are other great powers, and when an affair, we are unable to resist and dodge that is God the creator. For that, need to have a reminder that the power of God is everything. Made a monument to the tsunami in Banda Aceh, which has a good architecture design, modern and still pay attention to eco design, so I am very interested to lift it into the theme of my post this time.

Tsunami museum to be built in the city of Banda Aceh, about 1 km from the Grand Mosque of Banda Aceh, Aceh Tsunami Museum The functions are:
1. As an object of history, where the tsunami museum will be the center of research and learning about the tsunami disaster.
2. As a symbol of strength of the Acehnese people in the face of the tsunami disaster.
3. As a legacy to future generations in Aceh in the form of messages that have occurred in their areas by the tsunami.
4. To remind the danger of earthquake and tsunami disaster that threatens the territory of Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is located in the "Ring of Fire" Pacific volcanic belt, and the lines surrounding the Pacific Basin. Fire ring region is an area that is often hit by earthquakes that could trigger a tsunami.

Tsunami Design museum is a winner in the race "Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Tsunami Museum" on August 5, 2007. I will display the design-design and copyright is owned by Muhammad Ridwan Kamil, Muhammad Yuliansyah Akbar, AA Putra Munchana, Asep Budiman

Exterior Design Museum
Building a traditional house of the people of Aceh, Aceh stage of building a house is taken as an analogy of building a mass base. With the concept of houses on stilts, this building could also serve as an escape hills of a park shaped hill that could be used as one of the anticipated location of rescue in case of floods and the tsunami disaster in the future.

Then too there is the hill of light, in addition to the park for a full evacuation of hundreds of poles, where visitors can lay flowers, a kind of personal space and also there is the memorial hill in the basement and equipped exhibition space.

This design is also loaded with local content. Saman dance as a reflection Hablumminannas (the concept of human relations in Islam), distilled into a pattern of building facade.

Views remarkable exterior that expresses the cultural diversity of Aceh through the use of ornament decorative element of transparency elements of the outer skin of the building.

And the roof of this tsunami museum is my favorite for exterior, because this building use eco design roof like modern sod roof. I have talk my post about sod roof because I really like modern building with green roof.
Discuss about tsunami museum's exterior, I think quite enough, I will continue to write about interior design on next post. The interior design of this tsunami museum also very cool, because the interior very interesting and I think that new concept. Hope God still give me chance to continue me make post to this blog. Ok see u soon. And here is some other picture exterior design of Tsunami Museum in Nanggroe Aceh Darrusalam, Indonesia.. proud to team work jobs.


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