It's Christmas time, let's share about Christmas tree

This time I want to discuss about the other design, which discusses the design of special-design unique Christmas tree. Usually the Christmas tree made of mountain pine beech tree. But most people prefer artificial Christmas trees because remember its economic value, when using the native pine trees will only disposable but when using artificial pine tree to eat can be used many times.
Well .. the results of the streets I said, I find that people who celebrate Christmas proved to be more Creative, they make their Christmas tree as unique as possible and even different from the others. Now do not have a green Christmas tree, but something more sparkling and management will be art.
Here are some very unique Christmas tree, and I am confused which is the best sort, everything is beautiful and very creative.
1. Bicycle Christmas Tree in Sidney 2010
It's made of Bicycles That were the resource persons destined for the recycling yard. The bike tree, dubbed the 'Tree-Cycle, "is made of 100 old bikes donated by a local recycling company. The bike frames were the resource persons spray-painted green tree, while the tires were the resource persons given a multi-colored makeover to make Them look like holiday lights. And if you thought you spent a lot of time putting up your tree, Consider this: It stores eight weeks to build the 23-foot-tall Tree-Cycle, the which is on display at The Rocks, one of the city's prime tourist and shopping districts. Even the 'star' at the top of the tree is made of bicycle parts - look closely, and you'll see it's really just a series of front forks and tires sticking out in EACH direction. (Source from

2. Shopping cart Christmas tree in California 2010
A Christmas tree is comprised of 86 metal shopping carts is probably one of the most honest holiday displays We have seen in a long time. Created by artist Anthony Schmitt, the 33ft (10m) tall tree shopping cart is fittingly located at the Edgemar Mall in Santa Monica, California.
"The shopping carts tree symbolizes both generosity and Abundance, as well as acknowledging those less fortunate Nowhere Their whole world May be housed in a cart. We see shopping carts every day and take Them for granted, "explains Schmitt of his design. (Source

3. Murano Glass Christmas Tree in Venice, Italy
Murano glass looks amazing in all forms. Here is a stunning Christmas tree Murano Glass in Venice Italy. This glass tree is 8.5m tall and 3m wide weighing in at three tons of the which makes it the world's Largest glass blown tree. It was made by local glass blowers out of 1000 glass tubes and metal rods 2000.

4. Glass Christmas Tree
The winner who won the gold medal in Edmonton Festival of Trees with the theme "Sparkle" which Kasian team. Kasian team joined forces with renowned glass artists at Panache glass and ceramic to create this innovative and sparkling tree. Design of glass Christmas tree is really interesting because the plates are made one-one with a size that is not the same. (Source

5. Taksim Square in Istanbul December 11, 2010.
Electronic gadgets are top of loads of your Christmas wish lists, but what do you think of this electronic tree in Turkey? That so amazing right? It will be beautiful and proudly if you have this decoration in your home. lol

6. Swarovski Christmas tree
There are 2 places displaying Christmas trees made from swarovsky namely in Singapore and in Shanghai. Swarovski christmas tree in Singapore on display at the Swarovski Boutique at Singapore's Landmark Tower, was in Shanghai in the Grand Gateway shopping mall

7. Christmas tree from plastic bottle
There is many county That bring bottle for Christmas tree it is one of Jakarta, Indonesia. One of the shopping center in Jakarta, Christmas tree made from plastic bottles out of 29.000!

I think still many beautiful and amazing Christmas tree, but I'm Tired to collect all. So 7 collection of Christmas tree is quite a lot. I'm Tired and sorry for other, and sorry I forgot Almost all site That take the pictures of Christmas tree collection. Here other Christmas tree collection:


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