Amanjiwo, stupa hotel design

I really liked the design of the resort Amanjiwo. Amanjiwo Resort is located at Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The resort is located only 10 minutes drive from Borobudur temple in Ways That are a bit STEEP. These villas will be seen from Borobudur temple on the top floor or floors Arupadatu, but it looks very small. I really want to visit this resort, although I have many times to visit Borobudur, but I have never visited this resort.
Amanjiwo viewed from the name "Amanjiwo", it is composed by two words of Javanese language That Is "safe" which means safe and "Jiwo" which means soul. So "Amanjiwo" can have a sense of peace inhabitants or soul in peace. Amanjiwo's resort design followed the design of the architecture of Borobudur Temple, the which Also have Some sort of stupas on the roof and forms a circular building. Amanjiwo also has a circular shape of the building such as the design of Borobudur masterpiece.

Amanjiwo resort also feels one with nature and uphold rural Javanese culture. From some pictures I get from blog walking and website Amanjiwo, Amanjiwo felt once that building is a luxury that was poured in a peaceful and beautiful frame. The use of natural stone, on walls and pillars at the Resort Amanjiwo make the atmosphere feels very luxurious, elegant and cool. The views about the form of Amanjiwo is Menoreh hills, mountains (Merapi and Merbabu), and rice fields make this truly building that live in peace. Alloy Javanese culture, stupas and modern architect makes us not feel live in hotel but lived in the palace of the kings and make you want to stay for long here.
Well ... I always liked the theme of a resort, and I really liked the theme of this Amanjiwo resorts, hopefully I am given the opportunity to visit this resort.

Green and Beauty Home with Green Roof of Sod Roof

For those who Scandinavia, Sod roof or roof tuft were common, but for me that is the people of Indonesia, Sod Roof is new. When I blog walking about the building with Sod roof, I really liked this. Many cities in the world is too advanced, so they look very less of green plantation. Many tall buildings, many residents and a lot of pollution but also the cities that seemed to forget how important reforestation. To make the city look green in addition to the city park, should the roofs of buildings and houses using Sod roof.
What Sod roof is?
Sod or turf roof A roof is a traditional Scandinavian type of green roof Covered with Sod on top of layers of birch bark installments on Gently sloping wooden roof boards. Until the late 19th century it was the most common roof on rural log houses in large parts of Scandinavia. Its distribution roughly corresponds to the distribution of the log building technique in the vernacular architecture of Finland and the Scandinavian peninsula.
Scandinavian grass roof may have existed since prehistoric times. At the time of the Vikings victorious and in the Middle Ages, all roofs have been covered by grass. Even the churches - churches and other buildings with a steep roof was closed by a layer of bark and grass roof.
Until the early 19th Century grass roof model , but as the development era, grass roofs gradually being replaced by roof made of clay and ceramics. Currently, traditional Scandinavian home can be found at the Museum Open Norway.


Grass roof has several layers. The first layer is a board that serves as the roof of the house and as the foundation soil and grass in the second layer. Layer form of sheets - sheets of birch bark are installed in accordance with the direction of the slope of the roof. Installation of fiber skin itself without using glue or nails. Only the friction of bark and wood boards that resist occurrence of landslides.
Layer above it is the installation of soil. Land that is placed shaped box - a box with dimensions of about 30cm2 and about 7.5 cm thick. Lapisan2 soil was placed above the skin layer birch tree with brick tide position.
The last layer is the planting of grass on the top layer. Grass roots that penetrate the layer - a layer of soil will add strength to bind the soil with grass.
With a thickness of about 15 cm, it is enough to make the soil can survive in the summer.
While for the house structure and the structure of the holder, used pine wood logs. Installation of wooden logs without using glue and nails, but only tied it.

Pictures from my source, one of them of the first pic is
Photo by: Ken Knight

Design house upside down style

HWhat do you think the house upside down with all the furniture upside down as well? like to defy gravity. It seems interesting but it seems more suitable house be decorated because we can not use the furniture in it but if you have the power to defy gravity like a lizard, then maybe you can make your house upside down. hahaha.

However, a carpenter named Gerhard origin Gettorf, Germany and his colleagues Gesellse Splettstößer and Manfred Kolax merelaisasikan design house upside down with all the furniture was also upside down, crazy idea indeed. They used to put the building together. "This is a challenge for us," Mordhorst said. "You should always be thinking about the mirror image."
Die Welt Steht Kopf (the world is upside down) is an example of building a truly inverted and with the furniture upside down as well. About Die Welt Steht Kopf, it has long been open to the public on 30 March 2010, but I took the theme of the building upside down for my post today, as the unique idea of designing the house upside down I still remember to this day. Because I like to design architecture so there is no harm if a topic long ago I adopted a theme of my post this time.

Well .. this house upside down or "Die Welt Steht Kopf" is definitely not a place to stay, this house is more suited to become one of the rides in the world of fantasy at Ancol (Dufan) for example. Because according to the information it upside down house in great demand by visitors. Houses upside down, we like to live in a world of animation.

Unique soap design

So far we only know that solid bath soap has a monotone shape, sometimes like elliptical, sometimes beam, sometime rectangular,or sometimes rounded. But look at some unique solid bath soaps design below.

we do not know the purpose of making soap solid with various and unique shapes, but with other forms such as Aladdin lamps, sushi, money and others would make us happy using solid soap. Provided perfume soap is not annoying or smell the same like the shape. Hahaha .. no fun if we smell like pizza or macaroni , the smell of gunpowder or strange odors all the day just because we are take a bath.

Invisible Hotel

This interesting eco-hotel, “mirrorcube”, is located on a tree, about 15m above the ground; made by a Swedish architectural firm Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter. In the cube with dimensions of 4m, covered with mirrors, there is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and terrace. From these rooms offers a wonderful view of 360 degrees on the forest and animals in it. The rooms are perfectly comfortable and pleasant. The hotel is located in northern Sweden, about 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, in the village Harads, and anyone who wants to socialize with nature can visit it.

Making Proses

Design Interior of Invisible hotel

From outside:

Beautiful L'Oceanogràfic

L'Oceanogràfic of Valencia presents marine habitats imaginable in this world. This building has an area of 1000 m2 has an environment similar to the actual sea state. This building is a marine complex which Europe's largest with nearly 500 types of species in it. In addition to fish, in L'Oceanogràfic there are also mammals, birds, and reptiles. In this building there are 9 water tower which is divided into 2 levels. All types of marine ecosystems on earth imaginable can be found here, ranging from distinguished come from of polar climate to the tropical climate.

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