Health Clinic & Libraries Made Of Container

Container shipping has a firm structure and a versatile and has traveled the world during their lifetime. The Contertainer is a polyclinic and the public library designed by a company in Indonesia called Dpavilion Architects, which converts container adventurers into the library, which serves as a "window of the world." Names for health clinics and public libraries are a mixture of two words: container and entertainers, which reflects a purpose to provide a better quality of life for those who have little money.

The Contertainer located in Batu, East Java, which is a relatively new city with strong roots in agriculture. Growing gap between those who have money in Indonesia and those who do not have, is the urge to project a fun and colorful, which is totally free to the public. In it is a health clinic that provides the needs of the villagers, such as health care and public library to study, conduct community activities, inspiration, and entertainment.

The centerpiece of this building consists of five shipping containers placed on the "stage". Container shipping is something that is easily available and cheap in Indonesia. and Dpavilion Architects decided to use them because of their multifunctional nature and ease of construction.

Exterior Design

Interior Design

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