Beautiful decorative from waste glass

So long time not updating my blog, at this time I want to discuss about beautiful decorative from waste of glass that can decorate your home sweet home.
Waste of glass is a hazardous waste due to broken glass is sharp that can tear and injure the human skin, usually the people in the handling of waste glass in a way is destroyed or buried it. But in the hands of the craftsmen from Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia and Jember, East Java, Indonesia, glass waste turn into beautiful and high of  artistic merit of decorative household furnishings.
Examples of recycling of waste glass from urban Cimahi are key chains, ashtrays, vases, decorative lamps, miniature cars, miniature variety of animals, and miniature buildings. Decorative items are worth selling fairly high, prices start from IDR 5000 to millions. The craftsmen set prices according to the size and level of difficulty.
The following are examples of decorative items of household furniture from recycled glass, this furniture is perfect to beautify your home both  minimalist, classic or modern stylish. 
decorative lamp

The Miniature of the biggest Buddha Temple (Borobudur)

Various miniature of building
Miniature of car
Cinderella high heel ^^


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