Interior & house furniture that inspired by computer stuff

There are a lot of house furniture that takes from nature or inspired by nature, but I think it is cool when house furniture are inspired by computer stuff. Do you think it is cool too, ok let see them:
1. Binary doormat
Binary: It's like a secret language geeks. Thoughts of a geek: "test the intelligence of the guests at your house". While if you have a programmer friends then he/she will laugh to it, others will think that this is a cool minimalist design. Ok, will help to translate this code it is written as "Welcome" without (").

2. Numeric Keypad Chairs
A geek woman can also neat and modern, for example in this chair by Simone Mitchell. Curve shape of this chair looks simple and comfortable. But what really makes it stand out is the design of the keypad with a cast of pink, yellow and blue-green make brighter.
3. Table Pointer
This model table is a table with a minimalist modern design. This model was designed by Modnest. This pointer table design can be worn alone or with any others drawn into a series. This table is made of painted wood veneer, this table is available in black, white and orange.
--> 4. ASCII curtains
Among the designs are inspired by things related to computers, then I most liked the design of this curtain is the ASCII code. From a distance it looks like curtains smooth silhouette of winter trees. But when viewed up close, you'll see that this is not an ordinary tree design, but of the tree drawings were made with letters and characters from the ASCII character encoding scheme used for text on a computer. Nieke designers inspired by the ASCII computer Sybrandy 1980s.

 5. Wolfgang Keyboard Bench
Required 2000 of the recycling of computer keyboards to create an undulating bench who are unusual by designer Nolan Herbut. This chair looks beautiful and ergonomic to use but probably the coolest things about this bench is the fact that these keys can still be suppressed, making it too tempting to play while you relax.


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