Beautiful buildings Concept that took design from nature

Nature always provides lessons and amazing benefits for humans, but we as humans have not been able to explore all the benefits of these natural. Nature is God's creation that serves to support human life on earth. Nature also created full of mystery that we must dig for the sake of human survival, for example, began with a bird wing design that is able to inspire people to make us able to fly in space.
This time I wanted to share about some of the buildings have a beautiful design and incredible that I found from various sources on the internet, the beautiful buildings that inspired from nature that can be found in our environment. With the genius and the human imagination, then created some spectacular buildings and remind us to nature.
1. Dragonfly Design for Vertical Farm
When I saw this building design drawings for the first time, I guess that this design takes the concept of the butterfly. But after I read it turns out this design takes the concept design of dragonfly wings as green house agricultural fields. However the design did look like a butterfly that is sucking the nectar of flowers. This futuristic skyscraper project Suggests building a prototype of an urban farm, offering a mixed program of housing, offices and laboratories using ecological engineering, and farming spaces, the which are vertically laid out in installments Floors and partly cultivated by its own inhabitants. Designed by Vincent Callebaut.

2. Dystopian, Vertical Farm Design Concept from
Shaped like a nest of insects, dystopian Farming project by Eric Vergne combine agriculture, housing workers, and places to shop, bring together farmers with urban needs. The idea is to reject GM food and projections. Provide irrigation airoponic and nutrition technology in an environment which fully controlled by humans as food sources.

3. Building Design inspired from the beehive
The concept of building a bee house is South Korea project in 2026, although taking the form of a beehive, but the building is planned to have the color green really like nature. He said the material to make this building is not green from synthetic materials rather than vines. It's estimated broad concept of this building approximately 339,400 square meters. However, this design is unfortunately not yet provide a solution to its own energy.

4. Building Water Resort
The concept of building for the resorts that are inspired by water droplets falling from high places. This concept was proposed by Orlando de Urrutia. In this design concept, architects Urrutia had been thinking about the concept of energy as well. A sustainable building projected for the water conscious themes and practices, the HITECH resort is Designed in a specific manner That integrates the renewable energy and generates electricity and water from the water. Solar energy is harnessed by southerly facing fa├žade Covered by the transparent photovoltaic That glass allows light to pass through it thereby, generating electricity. The northern facade features lattices to Provide ventilation along with Teex Micron Atmospheric Water Generators to convert condensation and humid water into pure drinking water.
Designed for humid regions, the Water Building Resort not only purifies salty sea and Rainwater but Also controls the water quality with the help of water treatment facility in the bottom floor. Based on the theme of water, its upper floor harbors restaurants, gyms, exhibition halls, hotels and conference rooms, and spa services.

There are many spectacular ideas to design buildings that are inspired from nature, but now I can only share 4 only. maybe if I remember, I'll continuing again this posting.

Health Clinic & Libraries Made Of Container

Container shipping has a firm structure and a versatile and has traveled the world during their lifetime. The Contertainer is a polyclinic and the public library designed by a company in Indonesia called Dpavilion Architects, which converts container adventurers into the library, which serves as a "window of the world." Names for health clinics and public libraries are a mixture of two words: container and entertainers, which reflects a purpose to provide a better quality of life for those who have little money.

The Contertainer located in Batu, East Java, which is a relatively new city with strong roots in agriculture. Growing gap between those who have money in Indonesia and those who do not have, is the urge to project a fun and colorful, which is totally free to the public. In it is a health clinic that provides the needs of the villagers, such as health care and public library to study, conduct community activities, inspiration, and entertainment.

The centerpiece of this building consists of five shipping containers placed on the "stage". Container shipping is something that is easily available and cheap in Indonesia. and Dpavilion Architects decided to use them because of their multifunctional nature and ease of construction.

Exterior Design

Interior Design

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Beautiful interior design for your soul of Museum Tsunami Aceh

As I promised in my previous post that is about the Aceh tsunami museum, in the article I just wrote about the tsunami, the museum's exterior design on this occasion I will present the museum's interior design of the tsunami that made my soul will remember how his power of God.

Interior design tsunami museum in Aceh, will bring us remembered the events of the tsunami in Aceh in the year 2004. Design interior the most to amaze me that a chimney is called "The Light of God". The light of God, a well-shaped space that shined the light cylinder and over a hole with Arabic inscription "God" and the well wall cylinder filled with names of victims. Very contain religious values is a reflection of Hablumminallah (the concept of human relationships and God).

Narrow and dark alley ambiance of the tsunami. The hall can be seen in the picture beside, besides looking at the picture and ghostly a narrow alley. Through the tunnel we can see the waterfall on the left and right who issued a thundering sound of water.

In this Aceh tsunami museum roof interior design also reminds us that many countries who helped and contributed both funds and manpower in the event of disaster. Expressed gratitude to the installation of flag states which contribute in the tsunami disaster that time.

Results references from several sources that I get from the internet, there is a rating of visitors that make me tingle. A visitor said, "the museum's contents tsunami just water alone." It's funny, but I saw this building is different, for me Aceh tsunami museum has a display full of charm with an interior that explores a tunnel of sorrow that leads visitors into a terrible reflection on the calamity suffered by the people of Aceh as well as resignation and recognition of the strength and power of God in overcome anything.
Another design interior of museum tsunami

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