Hidden secret symbol in logo design.

Sometime we found an interesting logo that make we think why it is like that, then aha... there is secret symbol on that logo. Yeah... logo usually use as branding of a company, they make it unique, interesting and also make people easy to remember so when they only see the logo they will know that this product from that company. Like McD, Starbucks,  etc when people see the logo in the road they will understand what that shop/restaurant sell.Ok here are some amazing design logo, maybe can be your inspiration of logo design:


Website Design said...

Some really fantastic collection logo designs there.I have no words to admire your great for making these awesome designs just say superb keep it up....

Eksi said...

@Website Design
Not me who design those, I just share some amazing logo design that I found. Don't know who the real designer but really two thumbs up for them.

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