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Since this blog talk about designs then I would like to discuss about arts too. Now I will talk about some amazing sculptures design which found from many sources. Then what is sculpture is? Before all 3 dimension shape that standing on the park, road side or other place I called those with statue, but now after visiting art site I'm understand statue and sculpture are different. Based on Wikipedia, sculpture  is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. Traditionally, sculptural process have focused on carving and modelling, generally in stone, metal, and wood, but since modernism shifts in sculptural process have led to an almost complete freedom of materials and process. And here are I will share some beautiful and amazing sculpture design based on the creator.
1.  Ilhan Koman
Ilhan Koman is a one of innovative sculptors who was born in Edirne, Turkey, in 1921. After finishing the Istanbul Mimar Sinan Academy of Fine Arts he went to Paris on a state scholarship for further studies at the 'Academie Julian'. In 1951 he returned to Turkey and taught at the Istanbul Academy until moving to Sweden in 1958.
Akdeniz Heykeli
To infinity, 2006-2007
Whirlpool, 1990
2. Jaume Plensa  
Jaume Plensa is a Spanish sculptor who was born at Barcelona in 1955. He graduated  from "Llotja" School and in the Escola Superior de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi. Here are some amazing his sculptures design.

3. David Cerny
David Cerny born December 15, 1967, he is a Czech Sculptor whose work can be seen in many location in Prague. His works tend to be controversial, many people called his works as bizare sculpture. Yes... Some of his works make me think why and little bit afraid but I like his work which has name Metalmorphosis. Metalmorphosis forms is a public fountain at an office park in the US city of Charlotte. The piece is a seven-metre tall structure with horizontally-moving stainless-steel plates which form, and re-form, a giant metal head.

4. Nancy Rubins 
Nancy Rubins (born Naples, Texas, 1952) is an American sculptor and Installation artist. I don't know a lot about his creations but I like "Canoes" at City Center which made from 55 canoes. Here are...

I still have many list of beautiful and amazing sculptures but for now I think its all, ya... quite tired because I awake too early at 3 AM and can't back to sleep again. So will continue next time to another post.


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