Black and white bathroom ideas

I'm looking idea for bathroom, I never thinking that black will be good for bathroom. Well... black mean dark and I think it will not good for bathroom because it will make scary sensation but after I search some design sites and forums, I found that black will be look so elegance when mixing with right color. Well.. My eyes admire black and white bathroom ideas. I like the stripe wall of bathroom bellow but I love more if the mirror bigger than this.

It is elegance for me but I like wide mirror in my bathroom. 

Picture above is the full view of the black and white stripe wall. 

Here are some collection of black and white bathroom ideas that I collect from many sources. I want to give credit to the designer but I'm forgot from where I download these pictures. Some of them I download from  fans page of Art & Interior design. I collect in this site with reason, first because I like them, 2nd maybe someday they all can be my inspiration and I want to fulfill this abandon site too to make this site comeback to life and sharing. ^_^.


 I like the ceramic motif of bathroom above and this bathroom also take sun light so no need light in day time.

 I like the zend bathroom design above. It is minimalist but I don't know where is the bath-up because I didn't find the opposite of this view but I can see on the mirror the shower.

Ok... I think I already shared quite a lot pictures about black and white bathroom design. Hope can be your idea and thanks for visit.


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